Trailhead ATV Resort Camp & Company Stores

The Trailhead ATV Resort Camp Store completes the retreat package.

In addition to offering Hatfield-McCoy Trail permits, the store is packed with essentials. Snacks, groceries, ATV emergency supplies and accessories, RV stuff, riding gloves and helmets, and more are available.

Trail maps and the latest trail gossip are readily available.

Need gas, a car wash or other supplies the Camp Store doesn’t have? Just head right across the street from the Trailhead ATV Resort entrance and get what you need at the Trailhead Company Store.

Trailhead ATV Resort allows guest riders direct access to the Spearhead Trail: the Original Pocahontas, and we are just a short drive from the Hatfield-McCoy Trail: Pocahontas Trail. Take a short trailer drive to Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek trails, and you’ve got access to more than 250 miles of connected managed trails. Trailhead ATV Resort, Hatfield-McCoy Trails and Spearhead Trails are open for business 365 days a year.

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Polaris RZR Rentals

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