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Guided Off-Road Trail Adventures

For first-time or inexperienced drivers

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Join us on this ultimate off-road adventure
on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails!

Saturday, Aug. 28

This guided adventure means no worries about reading a map or getting lost.

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Trip fee includes:

RZR XP 1000 rental
Helmet rental
Hatfield-McCoy Trail permit
Tour of the Historic Pocahontas Exhibition Mine
TONS OF FUN on the trails!!

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We’ll leave from Trailhead ATV Resort, ride for a few hours, and stop at Wrong Turn Pizza & Subs in Rock, WV, where you can buy lunch. We’ll tour the Historic Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum, which features a 13-foot tall coal seam and tours from retired coal miners into the real mine. 

This trip is perfect for first-time or inexperienced riders looking for an adventure without the stress of figuring out where to go. The total trip duration is 7 hours.


2 seat RZR with one driver at $435 plus taxes
2 seat RZR with driver and 1 passenger at $465 plus taxes
4 seat RZR with driver and 2 passengers at $555 plus taxes
4 seat RZR with driver and 3 passengers at $595 plus taxes


Book now for your next memorable adventure!

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